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Keeping The Healthy Pace

ANT+ Plugins Service is a lifestyle application created by Garmin Ltd. The application is utilized as a health and fitness companion for an active lifestyle. Users can track their physical activities, as well as their heart rate and condition of their body at the convenience of their mobile devices.

From GPS Technology To Smartwatch

Garmin Ltd. is a multinational technology company based in the United States. It was founded in 1989 as makers of GPS technology-based products and developers of wireless sensor technologies. Their products are applied from transportation such as automotive, aviation and marine, to physical activities like outdoors, fitness and sports. Their very own ANT wireless protocol was launched in 2003 to connect mobile and tracking devices. ANT is an ultra-low power (ULP) wireless network protocol. It predecessor ANT+ is built for device profiles where it specifies wireless network information efficiently.  It is capable of working along with ANT+ Alliance member devices, at the same time gather sensor data. 

Hooking Up With Workout Devices

ANT+ Plugins Service offers advance connections and features for users living in an active lifestyle. It automatically activates wireless ANT connection coming from ANT+ devices to mobile devices. This helps users track their current health condition whenever they utilize their ANT+ devices like headphones, heart rate monitor and even an Android smartwatch. It comes with different prebuilt profiles that users can access. They can monitor their heartbeat during rigorous exercises or for a physical checkup. The advantage of this application is it only takes minimal system requirements to run. It is light, discreet and designed with a minimal graphics interface so that users focus only on their workout.

Going Beyond The Limits

ANT+ Plugins Service is a helpful companion for those invested in a very healthy lifestyle. It maximizes the available wireless sensor technology for tracking the user’s vital statistics. Users can simply do their fitness routine and check their condition later on.


  • Track body condition on mobile devices
  • Supports most ANT+ devices
  • Minimal system requirements
  • Usable during workouts or monitoring


  • Automatically downloads on mobile devices
  • Requires mobile device permission
  • Little graphic interface
  • May not be compatible with some mobile devices

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